Traumatomutilla André miscellanea: Revision of the bellica, bifurca, diabolica, and vitelligera species groups, and a new group for the new species T. pilkingtoni Bartholomay and Williams (Hymenoptera: Mutillidae: Sphaeropthalminae: Dasymutillini)


  • Pedro R. Bartholomay
  • Kevin A. Williams
  • David R. Luz
  • Roberto A. Cambra
  • Márcio Luiz de Oliveira


Velvet ants, Neotropics, South America.


Five small species groups of Traumatomutilla André, 1901 are revised. A new species, T. pilkingtoni Bartholomay and Williams sp. nov. (Argentina) is described and placed within its own species group. All known species of the bellica, diabolica, vitelligera, and bifurca species groups are redescribed. New synonymies are proposed for T. vitelligera (Gerstaecker, 1874) = Mutilla fascinata Smith, 1879, syn. nov.; = Traumatomutilla comata André, 1906, syn. nov. and for T. bifurca (Klug, 1821) = T. ira Casal, 1969, syn. nov. The lectotypes of Mutilla bifurca Klug, 1821 and Mutilla comata André, 1906 are designated. The hitherto unknown males of T. vitelligera and T. bifurca are diagnosed and described.