Provisional revision of the genus Odontocera Audinet-Serville, 1834 (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae). I: exclusions, new rank, synonymies and the description of two new genera


  • Robin O. S. Clarke


Cerambycinae, identification keys, new combinations, Rhinotragini, taxonomy.


Ten South American species are removed from the genus Odontocera Audinet-Serville (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) and placed in Odontocroton Clarke new genus. The new genus is further organized into two informal groups. Group A includes Odontocroton flavicauda (Bates, 1873) new combination, Odontocroton flavirostris (Melzer, 1930) new combination, Odontocroton melzeri (Fisher, 1952) new combination and Odontocroton soror (Gounelle, 1911) new combination. Group B includes Odontocroton apicalis (Klug, 1825) new combination, Odontocroton quinquecallosus (Zajciw, 1963) new combination, Odontocroton sanguinolentus (Bates, 1873) new combination, Odontocroton septemtuberculatus (Zajciw, 1963) new combination, Odontocroton rufifrons (Fisher, 1937) new rank and new combination, and provisionally Odontocroton monnei (Zajciw, 1968), new combination. A monotypic new genus, Rhinobatesia Clarke, is described for the Central American species Rhinobatesia rugicollis (Bates, 1880) new combination, which was formerly in Odontocera. The Central American Odontocera nevermanni Fisher, 1930 is placed as a junior synonym of R. rugicollis, and Odontocera typhoeus Fisher, 1947 is placed as a junior synonym of Odontogracilis gracilis (Klug, 1825). A key to separate Odontocroton and Rhinobatesia as well as the species of the former is provided. All species are illustrated, including the tegmen of the aedeagus when available. Host flower records for the Bolivian species are also provided.