New antlion records (Neuroptera: Myrmeleontidae) from Paraguay.

  • Olga Petko
  • Paul Smith
  • Lionel Stange
  • Sergio D. Rios


New records of Myrmeleontidae from Paraguay are presented: Dimares elegans (Perty, 1833), Glenurus croesus Banks, 1922, Glenurus penningtoni (Navás, 1918a) and Vella fallax (Rambur, 1842). The total number of species now recorded from the country is fourteen among 11 genera. Specimens of Dimares elegans from east (Cerrado) and west (Chaco) of the Paraguay River are phenotypically distinct; those west of the Paraguay River are assigned to the form “lepida” Navás, 1912. More research is required to understand the taxonomic limits in this genus.