Corrections to Neotropical Rhinaspis Perty and Plectris LePeletier and Audinet-Serville (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Melolonthinae) classification and nomenclature


  • Andrew B.T. Smith


The name Melolontha hypocrita Mannerheim, 1829 has been long unused, even though it is the type species of Hyporhiza Dejean, 1833. I examined the only known specimen from the type series and here designate it as the lectotype. Examination of this lectotype reveals that this species is best placed in the genus Rhinaspis Perty, 1830. Consequently, the genus Hyporhiza Dejean, 1833 is confi rmed as a junior synonym of Rhinaspis. Further, the replacement name Rhinaspis fuhrmanni is proposed for Rhinaspis hypocrita (Blanchard, 1850), a new secondary homonym of Rhinaspis hypocrita (Mannerheim, 1829). A homonymy problem was also discovered and corrected for the genus Plectris LePeletier and Serville, 1828. The replacement name Plectris schoolmeestersi is proposed for Plectris paraguayensis Moser, 1924, which is a secondary junior homonym of Plectris paraguayensis (Moser, 1921).