A third species of the endemic Floridian milliped genus Floridobolus Causey, 1957 (Spirobolida: Spirobolidae: Floridobolinae).


  • Rowland Shelley
  • Gary J. Phillips
  • Ernest C. Bernard


Characterized by small body size, apically rounded/lobed anterior gonopod telopodites, long slender
posterior gonopod telopodites, and torsion in the cyphopod receptacles, Floridobolus fl oydi, n. sp., is described from
the southern sector of the Brooksville Ridge in northwestern peninsular Florida. It inhabits sandy “Big Scrub”
environments like F. penneri Causey, 1957, and F. orini Shelley, 2014, and is documented from the sector’s center
and northern periphery, in Hernando and Citrus Counties, respectively, with a sight record from the eastern periphery.
Its discovery supports the thesis that each sand ridge in peninsular Florida may harbor a unique species
of this endemic genus.