0361. New North American records of Pyraloidea (Lepidoptera: Crambidae, Pyralidae) from southern Florida.

  • James E. Hayden
  • Terhune S. Dickel


We report six new North American records, one new state record, and one rare record of pyraloid moths from southern Florida, together with diagnostic characters for all taxa. We transfer Ennomosia Amsel from Spilomelinae to Glaphyriinae, Cangetta micralis (Hampson) n. comb. from Deuterophysa Warren, and Microthyris lelex (Cramer) n. comb. from Cyclocena Möschler. We revise Pseudocabotia Blanchard and Knudson rev. stat. to a subgenus of Ancylosis Zeller, with its type species A. (P.) balconiensis (Blanchard and Knudson) n. comb., and discuss the classifi cation of Cabotia Ragonot as a subgenus of Ancylosis.