0247. Contribution towards the knowledge of Psalidognathus Gray, 1831 (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Prioninae)


  • Antonio Santos-Silva
  • Ziro Komiya


The species of the “modestus” group of the genus Psalidognathus Gray (Cerambycidae: Prioninae) (currently with four species and three subspecies), which are recognized mainly by the antennomeres without apical spines, are studied. Psalidognathus thomsoni Lameere, 1885 is revalidated as a species distinct from P. modestus Fries, 1833. Psalidognathus erythrocerus reichei Quentin and Villiers, 1983 and P. erythrocerus pubescens Quentin and Villiers, 1983 are considered as different species from P. erythrocerus Reiche, 1840. Psalidognathus colombianus Demelt, 1989 and Psalidognathus modestus chocoensis Salazar, 2005 are synonymized with P. modestus, syn. nov. Psalidognathus rufescens, although belonging to “friendii” group, is redescribed and some remarks are added. Species redescribed: P. erythrocerus; P. modestus; P. reichei; P. rufescens; P. onorei Quentin and Villiers, 1983; and P. thomsoni. Psalidognathus cerberus sp. nov. is described from Colombia and Ecuador. A provisional key is provided to males of species of “modestus” group.