0133. <I>Neotrichaphodioides</I> , new genus of Neotropical Aphodiini, with description of a new species from Peru (Scarabaeoidea: Scarabaeidae: Aphodiinae)

  • Marco Dellacasa
  • Giovanni Dellacasa
  • Paul E. Skelley
Keywords: Systematics, new genus, new species, new combinations, new synonymies, lectotype designation, Neotrichaphodioides, N. woytkowskii, Neotropical, Aphodiinae


The new genus Neotrichaphodioides and the new species N. woytkowskii from Peru are described. Aphodius caracanus Balthasar, A. ecuadoriensis Petrovitz, A. forsterianus Balthasar, and A. volxemi Harold are redescribed and figured, and transferred into Neotrichaphodioides, all becoming new combinations. New synonymies of Aphodius martinsi Petrovitz with N. caracanus (Balthasar) and Aphodius squamifer Petrovitz with N. volxemi (Harold) are presented. The lectotype of A. volxemi is here designated.