0066. Taxonomic redefinition of the genera <I>Parataenius</I> Balthasar and <I>Pseudataenius</I> Brown, with descriptions of three new species (Scarabaeidae: Aphodiinae: Eupariini)

  • Z. Teresa Stebnicka
  • Paul E. Skelley
Keywords: Eupariini, Parataenius, Pseudataenius, new species, new synonym, new combinations, South America


The New World euparine scarab genera Parataenius Balthasar, 1961 and Pseudataenius Brown, 1927 are revised. Ataenius brunneus Schmidt is transferred to the genus Parataenius becoming Parataenius brunneus (Schmidt), new combination. The monospecific genus Ataenioides Petrovitz, 1973, is synonymized with Pseudataenius Brown, 1927, (new synonymy) and the type species, Ataenioides gracilitarsis Petrovitz, is given the new combination Pseudataenius gracilitarsis (Petrovitz). New species of Parataenius are described from southern South America: Parataenius selvae, P. estero, and P. martinezi. Keys for species of both genera are presented and pertinent morphological details are illustrated.