Parallel Structured Gaussian Elimination for the Number Field Sieve


Number Field Sieve
Structured Gaussian Elimination
parallel algorithm

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Bouillaguet, C., & Zimmermann, P. (2021). Parallel Structured Gaussian Elimination for the Number Field Sieve. Mathematical Cryptology, (1), 22–39. Retrieved from


This article describes a parallel algorithm for the Structured Gaussian Elimination step of the Number Field Sieve (NFS). NFS is the best known method for factoring large integers and computing discrete logarithms.

State-of-the-art algorithms for this kind of partial sparse elimination, as implemented in the CADO-NFS software tool, were unamenable to parallel implementations. We therefore designed a new algorithm from scratch with this objective and implemented it using OpenMP. The result is not only faster sequentially, but scales reasonably well: using 32 cores, the time needed to process two landmark instances went down from 38 minutes to 21 seconds and from 6.7 hours to 2.3 minutes, respectively.

This parallel algorithm was used for the factorization records of RSA-240 and RSA-250, and for the DLP-240 discrete logarithm record.


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