The Work for Student Success Continues

Sally McRorie*

Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
Florida State University

Wonder. Inquiry. Experience. Reflection. These terms, when given a Dewey-based understanding, have underwritten my personal lifetime of teaching, research, administration, and striving to facilitate student success. As a first-generation student myself, the experience of higher education has continuously made me almost giddy. So much to learn. So much to begin to understand. So very much to experience and even more to build.

The Journal of Postsecondary Student Success (JPSS) is yet another site for inquiry and understanding. It’s been my honor to help make it possible and, more importantly, to commend it to you and future readers for the pragmatic wisdom it shares. Data-focused and experience-driven practices are making enormous improvements in the breadth and depth of positive higher educational impacts for the students we serve. In that service, we build communities of inquiry, experience, and engaged construction of both the present and the future. The work for student success continues.

As my administrative career as provost (and former dean and chair) draws to its inevitable close, I’m heartened by this journal and all it represents. What better legacy can one ask than to have helped generations of students earn success with opportunities, challenges, and support for inquiry, experience, and, yes, life? It’s been my heartfelt passion to work toward that end. Now I want to recognize each of you on your own similar journey.

Thank you! [End of page 1]


Journal of Postsecondary Student Success, Vol 1, Issue 2