Editor's Introduction

Shouping Hu*

Center for Postsecondary Success
Florida State University

The Journal of Postsecondary Student Success (JPSS) is a product of teamwork. Numerous colleagues, friends, supporters, and I have had many conversations about how we advance student success in postsecondary education. To us, student success means success for all—including achieving equity for students of different backgrounds.

There is an abundance of good work in this area, yet the challenges facing students in postsecondary education seem to repeat themselves. The efforts have not made dramatic impacts to change the lives of our students.

There is no doubt the work in all traditional journals is valuable to enrich our understanding of student success challenges and provide insights on ways to address problems. There are also ample other occasions for conversations about student success, either in convenings, conferences, institutes, or other formats. However, we are convinced that there is value in having a journal specifically devoted to student success in postsecondary education.

We brainstormed for several months and received unwavering support from many. With all the hard work and collaboration, here comes JPSS.

JPSS will focus on student success in postsecondary education, with a particular interest in innovations and solutions to promote success for all students and to close the gaps in success in students of different backgrounds. [End of page 1]

We aim for JPSS to be inclusive in terms of topics, conceptual perspectives, modes of inquiry, styles, and viewpoints. We hope everyone who comes across JPSS will find something useful.

As stated in the mission statement, “The mission of JPSS is to foster a community where researchers, practitioners, and policy makers can come together to find solutions to address issues facing postsecondary student success through rigorous and timely research and evidence-based policy and practice” (https://journals.flvc.org/jpss/about). Simply put, JPSS is of the community, by the community, and for the community.

The community includes the editorial board, the journal reviewers, the authors, the readers of the journal, and the supporters of our work, with students at the front and center of all our efforts.

Never had I thought I would serve as an editor for an academic journal, let alone to found one. But here I am, and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as the founding editor of JPSS. The success of JPSS will be the success of the community, and the success of JPSS will contribute to the success of our students.

Let the journey begin![End of page 2]

*Contact: shu@fsu.edu

Journal of Postsecondary Student Success, Vol 1, Issue 1