A First Report of Anguina pacificae in Ireland


  • Thomas R. Fleming
  • Aaron G. Maule
  • Trevor Martin
  • Margaret Hainon-McDowell
  • Kate Entwistle
  • Michael A. McClure
  • Colin C. Fleming


Anguina pacificae is a significant pest of Poa annua golf course greens in northern California. This study presents the first confirmed case of an A. pacificae infestation outside of North America, where the nematode’s distribution is further restricted to a relatively limited coastal region. Species confirmation was made by morphometric and molecular methods and comparisons to closely related species including the European species, Anguina agropyri. The A. pacificae population detected on an Irish golf course was monitored over a 2-yr period and the life cycle compared with Californian population dynamics. A. pacificae was assessed for the potential risk of spreading to the local agricultural sector, in addition, the biosecurity risks from A. pacificae and plant parasitic nematodes in general were reviewed for northwest Europe.






Contributed Papers: Emerging Pathogens