SEM Observations on the Marine Nematode Dracognomus simplex (Gerlach, 1954) Allen and Noffsinger, 1978 (Draconematidae: Prochaetosomatinae)

  • Gerrit Karssen
  • Adriaan C. Van Aelst
Keywords: dracognomus americanum n. sp., dracognomus simplex, draconematidae, identification, key, marine nematode, morphology, new species. prochaetosomatinae, sem observation, taxonomy


The free-living marine nematode Dracognomus simplex (Gerlach, 1954) Allen & Noffsinger, 1978 was studied by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The morphology of males and females is described and illustrated in detail. In addition to the typical and modified adhesion tubes, a new type of posterior adhesion tube was discovered. A neotype is proposed for Dracognomus simplex, and D. simplex sensu Decraemer & Gourbault, 1986 is renamed as Dracognomus americanum n. sp. Additionally, a key toward the Dracognomus species is proposed.