A Simple Method for Determining Aphelenchoides besseyi Infestation Level of Oryza sativa Seeds

  • Shigeru Hoshino
Keywords: aphelenchoides besseyi, assay, extraction, methodology, nematode, nematode load, oryza sativa, rice, white tip disease


A simple extraction method was developed for obtaining the white tip nematode, Aphelenchoides besseyi Christie, from single seeds of rice, Oryza sativa. The method was as follows: Individual rice seeds were split longitudinally and then transferred into single pipet tips. Tips containing a split seed were then singly placed upright in glass vials with water to extract the nematodes. This method was more efficient than the Baermann funnel technique and allowed nearly 100% recovery of living A. besseyi from single rice seeds within 4 hours.