Two New Species of Actinolaimidae Thorne, 1939 (Nemata: Dorylaimida) from China

  • Jihua Wu
  • Yanling Liang
Keywords: actinolaimidae, china, dorylaimida, egtitus sinensis, nematode, new species, taxonomy, trachactinolaimus brevicaudatus


Two new species of Actinolaimidae are described from China. Trachactinolaimus brevicaudatus n. sp. is 3.4-4.4 mm long; a = 40-60, b = 3.5-5.2, c = 20-21 in female and 34-39 in male; odontostyle length is 29-33 µm; spicules are 67-77 µm long; and the stoma has four onchia with numerous mural denticles. The female has a longitudinal vulva, and the male has 20 to 23 contiguous ventromedian supplements. Egtitus sinensis n. sp. is 1.7-2.2 mm long; a = 24-33, b = 3.1-3.9, c = 16-19 in female and 0.7-0.9 in male; odontostyle length is 25-29 µm; spicules are 55-56 µm long; and the prerectum 53-77 µm long. The cardia is short and blunt conoid, 13-19 µm long. The male has 12 to 13 ventromedian supplements at intervals of 2-3 µm.