Description of Dolichodorus cobbi n. sp. (Nematoda: Dolichodoridae) with Description of Dolichodorus cobbi n. sp. (Nematoda: Dolichodoridae) with Morphometrics and Lectotype Designation of D. heterocephalus Cobb, 1914

  • A. Morgan Golden
  • Zafar A. Handoo
  • E. J. Wehunt


Dolichodorus cobbi n. sp. is described and illustrated from soil around roots of "woods" on the Stanley Farm, Scott County, Arkansas. This species is distinguishable from others of the genus by its short tail projection. It is most closely related to D. marylandicus but differs in having a short tail projection, longer stylet, greater body length, larger c value, and also in position of excretory pore. A limited number of Cobb's original specimens and drawings of D. heterocephalus were examined. A lectotype and paralectotype were designated to establish the taxonomic base for the genus. Cobb's original modified labeled drawing of D. heterocephalus is also included. Morphometric data on D. heterocephalus from the type locality and several other populations are given. Some variations in female tail shape, body length, and stylet length were noted. Key words: taxonomy, morphology, new species, Dolichodorus, woods.