Xiphinema krugi, Species Complex or Complex of Cryptic Species?

  • Claudio M. G. Oliveira
  • Luiz C. C. B. Ferraz
  • Roy Neilson
Keywords: Brazil, DNA sequence, intraspecific variability, longidorids, speciation, Xiphinema


Fourteen morphologically putative populations of X. krugi were clearly separated into four different profiles by RFLP analysis (Alu I and Hinf I), sequencing of the ITS-1 region, and subsequent Maximum Likelihood phylogenetic analyses. These four profiles were further supported by a principal component analysis of morphometric characters that yielded four taxonomic clusters matching those produced by the molecular data. Sequence homology was greater amongst populations that represented the same RFLP profile than between profiles and similar both between representative populations of the RFLP profiles and putative closely related Xiphinema species. This study suggests that X. krugi is a potential species complex comprised of at least four distinct genotypes.