Description and SEM Observations of Stegelletina coprophila sp.n. (Nematoda: Rhabditida) from Caves of Andaluc¡a Oriental, Spain

  • J. Abolafia
  • R. Pena-Santiago
Keywords: Caves, Cephalobidae, description, Iberian Peninsula, morphology, new species, Stegelletina, SEM, taxonomy.


A new species of the genus Stegelletina is described from caves of Andaluc¡a Oriental (SE Iberian Peninsula). Stegelletina coprophila sp. n. is characterized by its body 386 to 536 æm long in females and 391 and 521 æm in males, lateral field with three incisures, lips bearing four tines, labial probolae 4 to 6 æm long and bifurcate, pharyngeal corpus 1.5 to 2.9 times isthmus length, spermatheca 18 to 43 æm long, postvulvar sac 0.5 to 1.6 times the corresponding body diameter long, female tail conical (24-34 æm, c = 14.2-17.2, c' = 1.7-2.3), male tail conical (26-35 æm, c = 12.1-17.1, c' = 1.4-1.8), spicules 20 to 25 æm long, and gubernaculum 10 to 13 æm long. Descriptions, measurements and illustrations, including SEM photographs, are provided for the species.