Longidorus paravineacola n. sp. (Nematoda: Longidoridae), a New Species from Arkansas

  • Weimin Ye
  • R. T. Robbins
Keywords: hierarchical cluster analysis, longidorus paravineacola, l. vineacola, morphology, species, sem, taxonomy


Longidorus paravineacola n. sp., described herein, was found in a survey of longidorids of Arkansas. It is a parthenogeneticspecies characterized by its long body (6.68-9.85 mm); slightly expanded and rounded head, head width 21-27 µm; odontostyle length 95-114 µm; guide ring 28-37 µm posterior to the head end; short rounded tail, and c' = 0.6-1.0. Longidorus paravineacola n. sp. is similar to the amphimictic species L. vineacola Sturhan & Weischer, 1964; L. balticus Brzeski, Peneva & Brown, 2000; L. kuiperi Brinkman, Loof & Barbez, 1987; and parthenogenetic species L. crassus Thorne, 1974, which also occurred in the type locality.