Nematodes of the Order Rhabditida from Andalucía Oriental, Spain. The Genera Nothacrobeles Allen & Noffsinger, 1971 and Zeldia Thorne, 1937

  • J. Abolafia
Keywords: cephalobs, description, key, morphology, nothacrobeles, sem, spain, taxonomy, zeldia


A new species of the genus Nothacrobeles is described from natural areas (a salt lake) in the Southeast Iberian Peninsula. Nothacrobeles lanceolatus sp. n. is characterized by its body length, two rows of cuticular punctations per annulus, labial probolae bifurcate with divergent prongs, pharyngeal corpus 2.4 to 3.5 times isthmus length, spermatheca length, postuterine sac 0.5 to 1.1 times the corresponding body diameter ratio, female tail conical and bearing a spindle-shaped or conical mucro with acute terminus, phasmid at 8 to 17 µm posterior to the anus, male tail conical with acute mucro, spicules length, and gubernaculum length. In addition, Nothacrobeles cf. lunensis and Zeldia punctata are studied. Cervidellus capricornis is transferred to genus Nothacrobeles. A key to species of Nothacrobeles is also provided.