Redescription of Three Ektaphelenchus Species (Nematoda: Aphelenchina)

  • T. R. Kaisa
Keywords: aphelenchina, cryptaphelenchoides scolyti, ektaphelenchus macrostylus, ektaphelenchus obtusus, ektaphelenchus riograndensis, ektaphelenchus scolyti, lectotype, nematode, taxonomy


Three Ektaphelenchus species with unusual spicules are redescribed. Ektaphelenchus obtusus and E. riograndensis are redescribed from newly discovered material in the collection of the USDA Forest Service RMRS. Lectotype slides are designated for both species. Ektaphelenchus obtusus is characterized by a set-off head, lips of unequal size, double rows of oocytes and spermatocytes, and a hooked spicule terminus. Ektaphelenchus riograndensis is distinguished by a rounded head with six equal lips, and spicules with a large, rounded apex, and recurved terminus. A bursa and gubernaculum are absent in both species. Ektaphelenchus scolyti is redescribed from type material deposited in the collection of Rothamsted Experimental Station. It is characterized by a well set-off head, double rows of oocytes and spermatocytes, and spicules with a hooked terminus. A bursa and gubernaculum are absent.