"Pesta": New Granular Formulations for Steinernema carpocapsae


  • W. J. Connick, Jr.
  • W. R. Nickle
  • B. T. Vinyard


"Pesta," a new granular product for use with entrapped biocontrol agents, is based on a cohesive dough made of wheat flour, fillers, and other additives. Infective juveniles of the entomopathogen Steinernema carpocapsae strain All incorporated in Pesta granules emerged when the granules were softened by immersion in water. These granules may be useful for the biocontrol of insect pests in the soil. Storage temperature had the greatest effect on recovery of nematodes, followed by the moisture content of the granules. Recovery of nematodes was the same among the formulations tested and was unaffected by storage in nitrogen. Nematode recovery after storage at 21 C decreased to zero after 3-6 weeks. Storage of samples at 4 C and with a high moisture content (19.9-23.1%) greatly improved nematode viability. Key words: Biological control, emergence, entomopathogenic nematode, formulation, nematode, Pesta, Steinernema carpocapsae, storage, wheat flour.