Reproductive and Damage Potential of Ditylenchus destructor on Six Peanut Cultivars

  • Cheryl Venter
  • D. De Waele
  • A. J. Meyer


Commercial peanut cultivars were evaluated for host suitability and sensitivity to Ditylenchus destructor. All cultivars were susceptible. Approximately 94% of the final population were in the pods. Highest Pf occurred at harvest on early maturing cultivars. Damage occurred on four of six cuttivars at Pi = 100/3 liters of soil and all six cultivars at Pi = 1,000. Norden and Selmani were the most susceptible cultivars. Sellie was the most tolerant and highest yielding cultivar. This cultivar may be the most profitable one for growers. Key words: Arachis hypogaea, Ditylenchus destructor, economic loss, nematode, pathogenicity, peanut.