A Plant Health Care Program for Brambles in the Pacific Northwest

  • F. D. McElroy


Pratylenchus and Xiphineraa species have been associated with decline and mortality of brambles (Rubus species) in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. These nematodes cause direct feeding damage and (or) transmit viruses that result in poor fruit quality and plant decline. A nematode management program has been developed by the author to minimize chemical use and nematode-induced damage while optimizing fruit production. Nematode management is an integral part of a total plant health care program in which foliar and soil pests, plant stresses, and fertility are managed. Key words: Bramble, control, nematode, nematode management, plant health care management, population dynamics, Pratylenchus penetrans, raspberry, sampling, Xiphinema americanum, Xiphinema bakeri.