Morphometric Variation and Biogeography of Ogwa menzeli and Criconema sphagni

  • Don C. Norton
  • P. N. Hinz


Morphometrics of Ogma menzeli from woodlands in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State and in Iowa were compared. Specimens from the Adirondacks were significantly greater in mean total body length, stylet length, the b, R, and RV values, body width, and esophagus length than specimens from Iowa. The V value was significantly greater in the Iowa than in the Adirondack specimens. The two populations are considered ecotypes of O. menzeli. Criconema sphagni morphometric measurements differed significantly for the RV value (negative) and V value (positive) relative to elevation in the Adirondacks. There was a positive regression correlation for the RV value of O. menzeli and elevation in the Adirondack Mountains. Key words: biogeography, Criconema sphagni, ecology, morphometrics, nematode, Ogma menzeli.