Morphological Observations of Pratylenchus penetrans from Celery and Strawberry in Southern Ontario

  • J. L. Townshend


Pratylenchus penetrans was obtained from Premier strawberry in Norfolk County and the Niagara Peninsula and from celery in the latter area. Host affected the dimensions of P. penetrans to a greater extent than geographical area in Ontario. Adults of P. penetrans from southern Ontario tended to be smaller than those reported elsewhere. The presence of three lip annules was consistent in the seven populations studied, although in some specimens one of the annules did not entirely encompass the head. Crenations around the tail tip of females of P. penetrans was common in the populations studied. Not all of the morphological characters were proportional in size to length of the females of P. penetrans. Key words: Apium graveolens, celery, Fragaria chiloensis, lesion nematode, morphology, Pratylenchus penetrans, strawberry.