Effects of Fertilizer and Pesticides on Soybean Growing in Heterodera glycines-infected Soil

  • R. D. Riggs
  • M. L. Hamblen
  • L. D. Rakes


A nematicide, dibromochloropropane; the fungicides benomyl and maneb; an insecticide, oxydisulfoton; the herbicides trifluralin, linuron, and dinoseb; and fertilizers were applied to Heterodera glycines-infested soil. A resistant soybean cultivar alone produced the highest yield in one test, and its yield was not affected by application of pesticides or fertilizer. In two tests the cultivar that was supposed to be resistant was not. Application of nematicide alone resulted in higher yields of the susceptible cultivar, compared with the untreated check, in only one of three tests. Various combinations of pesticides also resulted in higher yields, and in all cases the nematicide was included. Pesticides and fertilizer must be used with discretion on soybean. Key words: fertilizer, fungicide, Glycine max, herbicide, Heterodera glycines, insecticide, nematicide, soybean, soybean cyst nematode.