Reproduction of Pratylenchus hexincisus and P. scribneri in Corn Inbreds

  • J. D. Smolik
  • Z. W. Wicks III


Population development of lesion nematodes was measured in 17 inbred lines of South Dakota and A619Ht dent corn. In two greenhouse groundbed tests, lines SD 101, SD 102, and SD 103 supported fewer than 1,000 Pratylenchus hexincisus per gram of dry root after 12 weeks. In an irrigated field test, inbred SD101 supported fewer than 1,000 P. scribneri per gram of dry root on each of two sampling dates, whereas line A619Ht supplied high populations of P. scribnerni on both dates. Inbreds SD45, 84742, and 84763 supported high populations of both P. hexincisus and P. scribneri. Key words: corn, corn breeding, lesion nematode, maize,.Pratylenchus, reproduction, resistance, Zea mays.