Biochemical Identification of the Two Races of Radopholus similis by Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis


  • R. N. Huettel
  • D. W. Dickson
  • D. T. Kaplan


Analysis of proteins of the banana and citrus race of Radopholus similis was carried out by several different types of polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. These included standard slab gel, SDS slab gel, gradient slab gel, and two-ditnensional slab gel electrophoresis. A major band difference was detected between the two races by slab gel electrophoresis. However, several other poorly resolved but consistent hands of high molecular weight proteins near the gel origin also were considered as diagnostic. Resolution of protein bands was greatly improved by SDS and gradient slab gel electrophoresis, but no differences could be detected among the proteins resolved between the two rares with these techniques. Two-dimensional gels revealed a large number of proteins, but background staining obscured them hindering interpretation. When nematode races were reared on three different host plants, no differences in protein patterns were detected between them, indicating host preferences does not play a role in determining the types proteins occurring in these nematodes. Key words: proteins, nematode races, burrowing nematode, biosystematics.