Life Cycle of Heterodera zeae Koshy, Swarup, and Sethi on Zea mays L. Axenic Root Explants

  • J. A. Lauritis
  • R. V. Rebois
  • L. S. Graney


Monoxenic cultures of Heterodera zeae, the corn cyst nematode (CCN), were established on root explants of corn Zea mays L., cv. Kenworthy. The life cycle of H. zeae was determined from light anti scanning electron microscopic observations of the root explants grown in the dark at 29.5 ± .5 C under gnotobiotic conditions. The life cycle, from the time the explants were inoculated with second-stage larvae (L2) to the first appearance of newly hatched second-generation L2, required 22 days. The occurrence of males was rare suggesting that reproduction in H. zeae is parthenogenetic.