Interactions Among Selected Endoparasitic Nematodes and Three Pseudomonads on Alfalfa

  • M. G. Bookbinder
  • J. R. Bloom
  • F. L. Lukezic


Meloidogyne hapla, Pratylenchus penetrans, and Helicotylenchus dihystera, reduced the growth of 'Saranac AR alfalfa seedlings when applied at concentrations of 50 nematodes per plant. All except P. penetrans reduced seedling growth when applied at 25 per seedling. M. hapla reduced growth when applied at 12 per seedling. Nematodes interacted with three pseudomonads to produce greater growth reductions than were obtained with single pathogens, suggesting synergistic relationships. Ditylenchus dipsaci, applied at 25 or 50 nematodes per seedling, reduced plant weight compared with weights of control plants, but did not interact with test bacteria. All of the nematodes except D. dipsaci produced root wounds which were invaded by bacteria. Key words: Medicago saliva L., Meloidogyne hapla, Pratylenchus penetrans, Ditylenchus dipsaci, Helicotylenchus dihystera, Pseudomonas viridiflava, Pseudomonas corrugata, Pseudomonas marginalis.