Action of Systemic Nematicides in Control of Xiphinema iindex on Grape


  • S. L. Hafez
  • D. J. Raski
  • B. Lear


In greenhouse tests using potted grape plants three nematicides, aldicarb 10 G at 4.5 ai/ha, phenamiphos 15 G at 22 kg ai/ha, and oxamyl liquid at 4.5 kg ai/ha, were tested against Xiphinema index on 'Thompson Seedless' grape. Different timings for chemical treatments and X. index inoculations were used to determine some of the aspects of the mode of action. When nematodes and nematicides were applied simultaneously, nematodes were reduced from the initial 500 to the averages 5, 1, and 4, respectively, for aldicarb, phenamiphos, and oxamyl. Similar counts (respectively, 3, 1, and 2) were obtained when the nematicides were added first and the nematodes 14 d later. Nematode counts were 83, 112, and 1,346 when nematicides were applied first, and 14 days later plants were washed free of soil, repotted in untreated soil, and then inoculated. In untreated controls the population increased to an average of 2,703. Plant growth was inversely related to the level of nematode population resulting from the treatment. Key words: Dagger nematodes, organophosphates, carbamates.