Behavioral Effects of Carbofuran and Phenamiphos on Pratylenchus vulnus. III. Penetration and Development

  • N. Marban-Mendoza
  • D. R. Viglierchio


Penetration of bean roots by Pratylenchus vulnus was inhibited by continuous exposure of the nematode to carbofuran and phenamiphos and by drenches of higher concentrations of these chemicals. The inhibition was explicable by inhibition of motility, dispersion, and attraction. If incubated in aerated distilled water, nematodes treated with carbofuran and phenamiphos recovered and reproduced as well as untreated nematodes. Foliar treatments were ineffective. Apparently, no basipetal transport of carbofuran and phenamiphos occurs in beans. Both nematicides arrested nematode development by interfering with egg production and transitions between life stages. Key Words: beans, root-lesion nematodes, control mechanism.