The Sterol, Fatty Acid, and Hydrocarbon Composition of Globodera solanacearum


  • D. M. Orcutt
  • J. A. Fox
  • C. A. Jake


Globodera solanacearum females were found to have less than 0.01% of dry wt as sterols. Seven sterols were detected in the nematode, with stanols (campestanol and stigmastanol) making tip more than 50% of the total sterols present. Lipid amounted to 29.4% of the dry weight of the nematode. Triglyceride, free fatty acid, and phospholipid classes were composed predominantly of 20:4, 20:1, and 18:1 fatty acids. Of the total weight of fatty acids found in G. solanacearum females, the greatest portion occurred in the triglyceride fraction, followed by the free fatty acid fraction then the phospholipid fraction. Several unidentified hydrocarbons were detected in the nematode. Paraffinic hydrocarbons detected ranged in carbon length from C15 to C29. Total concentration of hydrocarbon composed 0.20% of the dry wt. Key Words: Osborne cyst nematode, lipids, stanols, triglycerides, phospholipids.