Effects of Temperature and Photoperiod on the Infection of Two Mosquito Species by the Mermithid Romanomermis culicivorax

  • T. D. Galloway
  • R. A. Brust


Successful invasion by the mermithid Romanornermis eulicivorax declined linearly from 93.6 to 1.5% in Culex tarsalis and from 73.1 to 1.6% i n Aeries dorsalis larvae exposed in the laboratory at 18, 16, 14, 12, and l 0 C. Larvae of C. tarsalis were more susceptible than those of A. dorsalis at 18 and 16 C, but this relationship was reversed at 12 C. Larval mortality during the 48-h exposure period was due primarily to nematode infection . Photoperiod had no effect on infection. Key Words: biological control, Culicidae, Nematoda, Mermithidae.