Efficiency of Extraction of Nematodes by Flotation-Sieving Using Molasses and Sugar and by Elutriation

  • R. Rodriguez-Kabana
  • P. S. King


Blackstrap molasses was studied as an economical substitute for sucrose in the preparation of an extracting solution for removal of nematodes from soil by the flotation-sieving technique. The maximal number of nematodes extracted from soil was obtained with molasses solutions with specific gravity values in the range 1.000-1.073. Results of studies on the relation between size of soil sample and the amount of extracting solution are presented. In paired comparisons, a molasses solution with sp. gr. = 1.100 at 27 C extracted greater numbers of plant parasitic, dorylaimoid, mononchoid, and other soil nematodes than did the standard 1.0 M sucrose solution (sp. gr. = 1.100); the superiority of the molasses solution is attributed to its higher viscosity. The molasses method also was superior or equal in efficiency to the elutriation technique. Key Words: Extraction method, nematode analyses, diagnostic technique.