Anatomy of the Pre-Parasitic Stage of Hydromermis conophaga (Mermithidae: Nematoda)

  • G. O. Poinar, Jr.
  • R. Hess


The anatomy of the preparasitic juvenile of Hydromermis conopophaga (Mermithidae: Nematoda) has been examined with the light and electron microscope. The alimentary tract consisted of an onchiostylet, pharyngeal tube, stichosome, and intestine. Paired penetration glands were associated with the anterior half of the stichosome. A total of 16 sensory papillae were found in this stage. Certain features, such as the character of the stylet and the attachment of the pharynx to the intestine, show that the preparasitic juvenile more than any other stage in its life cycle closely resembles a free-living dorylaimoid nematode. Key Words: structure, entomogenous nematode.