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The Florida Mosquito Control Association (former Florida Anti-Mosquito Association organized in 1922) publishes the Journal of the Florida Mosquito Control Association (JFMCA). The aims of the JFMCA is to exchange / share the research information about new findings and discovery, new tools / equipment and the modification & improvement of existing tools, and new techniques for surveillance and control of mosquitoes and other arthropods of medical and veterinary importance. The JFMCA publishes the scope of opinion, forum, reviews, original research articles, scientific notes, operational notes, and the FMCA’s annual meeting abstracts. The JFMCA publishes one volume per year. The FMCA has published 70 volumes with different titles of publications (report of annual meetings, proceedings of the FAMA, the JFAMA, and the JFMCA) since 1929 to 2023.

The JFMCA peer review process: The Editor-In-Chief assigns the manuscripts to the Subject Editor based on the subject and content of the manuscripts. The Subject Editor invites 2-3 scientists in the specific field to conduct the peer-reviewing. If one of reviewers recommends to reject the manuscript, then the Subject Editor will invite additional 1-2 peers to review this manuscript again. The Subject Editors will make the final decision to accept or not based on the 2-3 peer reviewers' recommendations and the authors' revision. Also, the Editor-In-Chief invites the Guest Editor in the specific field of the manuscript to handle a manuscript peer reviewing based on the needs. 

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Vol. 71 No. 1 (2024): Journal of the Florida Mosquito Control Association
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Published: 2024-03-21

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