The Coasts of Latin America at the End of the Century


  • Juan M. Barragán


Coastal management, Latin America, coastal zones, national programs.


A new management model is needed for the Latin American coastal zone and its resources. During the nineties, some very interesting management initiatives were implemented. Nevertheless, in general terms, coastal management is relatively backward in comparison with other regions of the world. There are also very different levels of coastal management within the various Latin American countries themselves. In spite of these differences, the cultural homogeneity of the area could serve to facilitate international cooperation for more integrated management. Such an initiative would not only help to find a specific Latin American management model, but would also contribute to improving the levels of technical training, scientific knowledge, exchange of experiences and South-South co-operation. Also, the effectiveness of the initiatives carried out by countries with more highly developed systems of coastal management could be reduced if the surrounding States do not undertake similar initiatives.