Discussion of: Theiler et al., 2000. The Use of Mathematical Models to Predict Beach Behavior for U.S. Coastal Engineering: A Critical Review. Journal of Coastal Research, 16(1), 48-70.


  • Maurice Schwartz


In their fine critical review of mathematical models THEILER et al. (2000) included some very specific statements about the earliest attempts to test the validity of the Bruun Rule (SCHWARTZ, 1965, 1967). Since I, obviously, was there I would like to clarify two fairly minor details in their review that were either missing or were poorly stated.

To begin with, THEILER et al. (2000) took great pains to describe the inadequacy of the small wave-basin experiment featured in my first paper on the subject (SCHWARTZ, 1965), pointing out that the water level was raised only 10 mm.

What THEILER et ale (2000) left out was that in my second paper (SCHWARTZ, 1967), not only was the small wave-basin description repeated, but a somewhat larger wave-basin experiment, with the water level raised 3 and 6 cm, was fully described. Arguably, the use of slightly larger parameters may not have made a significant difference; yet, if Theiler et al. were conducting such a precise review of those early laboratory experiments it would have behooved them to include all of the readily available information contained in those two publications (SCHWARTZ, 1965, 1967).






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