Summary of the New England Beach Nourishment Experience (1935-1996)


  • Tanya C. Haddad
  • Orrin H. Pilkey


Beach replensihment, New England beaches, replenishment cost, beach erosion


Data from 121 nourished beaches in New England are presented, representing over170 individual episodes. The regional-nourishment episode record is less fragmented at the federal level than at the state, local, or private levels. Most nourishment episodes in New England are small (<100,000 cubic yards) and state/locally funded. The total number and volume of nourishment episodes completed annually in the region is declining, and the cumulative volume of nourishment sand in the region has plateaued over time. Total known volume of sand emplaced is 12,550,881 cubic yards with 105 of 173 episodes included in this sum.