Sedimentological Impact of Artificial Islands and Pits, Measured with Sediment Traps


  • Jens R. Valeur
  • Morten Pejrup


Particle fluxes, sediment traps, test islands, test pits, environmental impact assessment, Øresund, fixed link


Sediment traps have been applied in the Øresund Sound in order to investigate the possible sedimentological effect of the construction of a fixed link between Denmark and Sweden during the period 1995-2000. Results from measurements made around test islands and test pits carried out during March 1993 are presented. It was impossible to separate the sedimentological impact of the test islands from the background sedimentation during both calm and windy periods due to its small magnitude compared to the natural sediment transport. The sedimentation in two test pits was measured with sediment traps and compared favourably with observations of sedimentation on the pit bottoms, indicating that the traps give a good measure of how fast a tunnel trench, pits for bridge piers and pylons, etc. are refilled with sediments after excavation.