The Impact of the Grain-size Distribution of Nourishment Sand on Aeolian Sand Transport


  • Daphne van der Wal


Beach nourishment, dune nourishment, fill material, ambient sand, grain-size distribution, Aeolian sand transport, wind experiments, The Netherlands


An investigation was carried out in The Netherlands to assess the impact of the properties of the sand from various beach and dune nourishments on the rate of aeolian sand transport. Samples from nourished beaches and dunes and nearby unnourished beaches were collected. The grain-size distribution of these samples were related to the 'susceptibility' of the sediments to mobilize under controlled wind tunnel conditions. In all cases, the nourishment sand corresponded to lower transport rates than the sand from nearby unnourished beaches. Large amounts of shell fragments, poor sorting and suitability for compaction resulted in low rates of aeolian transport of the nourishment sand compared to the ambient sand.