The High Sands of the Danish Wadden Sea-Especially the Ebb-Tide Delta, Søren Jessens Sande, and its Incorporation with the Island of Fanø


  • N. Kingo Jacobsen


Coastal morphology, sediment transport, sedimentary budget, barrier island, bar, shoal


This article attempts to account for the coastal morphology south of Blåvandshuk, western Jutland, Denmark. This coastal section is dominated by a barrier beach development, behind which lies the Danish part of the Wadden Sea. There is a description of the results of borings that were made in order to understand the dynamics at work since the very first offshore bar development. The effect of the changing sea-level since the Weichsel Glaciation, which has been accompanied by different tidal conditions and storm floods of varying magnitude during the past 3000-8000 years is also described. The origin and balance of sediments is dealt with; especially the high sands and shoals of the Danish Wadden Sea with particular reference to the evolution of the ebb-tide delta, Søren Jessens Sande, which is described in detail with the use of maps. How and when its incorporation with the island of Fanø took place is described.