Regional Coastal Databases for Corps of Engineers Districts


  • Danielle S. McAneny


Coastal Engineering, computer hindcasts, oceanographic datasets, water waves, winds


From a mainframe computer version in the early 1980's to today's microcomputer format, coastal databases have been recognized as important tools for support of Corps of Engineers coastal projects. The Coastal Engineering Data Retrieval System (CEDRS) takes advantage of the microcomputer environment to provide convenient access to the voluminous oceanographic datasets. CEDRS uses a regional approach, generally following Corps of Engineers District boundaries to allow its systems to operate in the microcomputer environment using relational database techniques, and to contain a comprehensive long-term set of both hindcast and measured wind and wave data for the use of Corps coastal engineers and scientists. This presentation of the pitfalls and problems encountered in design and development of the CEDRS databases may be of benefit to other developers of this type of system.