Direct Seeding of Native Trees and Shrubs in Coastal Environments


  • Phil Barron
  • Greg Dalton


Spray band, coastal trees, semi-arid coastal environment, wind erosion, sand dunes


Direct seeded trees and shrubs are difficult to establish in semi-arid coastal environments due to the poor moisture holding sandy or calcareous soils and the exposure to extreme winds. This trial assessed different weed control strategies, in terms of width of the spray band and length of the weed control period, to determine the effect of moisture conservation and protection from winds on the establishment of Acacia sophorae and Eucalyptus diversifolia. The trial was carried out during a much drier than average period, which resulted in very poor establishment of Eucalyptus diversifolia. However it was found that Acacia sophorae were more drought tolerant than Eucalyptus diversifolia and significantly more plants were established when weed control was maintained throughout the first summer. There was no long term benefit for Acacia sophorae from a two metre wide weed control strip over a one metre wide strip.