Shoreface-Connected Ridges in German and U.S. Mid-Atlantic Bights: Similarities and Contrasts


  • Effiom E. Antia


Shoreface-connnected ridges, German Bight, U.S. Mid-Atlantic Bight, grain size, storm flow


Shoreface-connected ridges in the German Bight (southern North Sea) and in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic Bight have previously been shown to exhibit some similarities. This report, based on sedimentological investigations in the German Bight, outlines additional similarities as well as significant differences in ridge attributes in both bights. Ridge migration, orientation, and vertical grain size patterns in both bights are identical, although ridge migration rates are up to 200% higher in the German Bight. However, contrasting attributes such as minimum water depth of occurrence and longitudinal grain size trend of ridges In the German Bight are inconsistent with ridge generation models in the Mid-Atlantic Bight.