Sediment Transport Near Groynes in the Nearshore Zone

  • D. J. Walker
  • P. Dong
  • K. Anastasiou
Keywords: Bathymetric evolution model, Mild Slope Equation, nearshore numerical model, suspended sediment transport, k-ϵ turbulence model


A bathymetric evolution model has been developed for predicting bottom changes in the nearshore zone where structures are present. The model is made up of a wave sub- model, based on a hyperbolic approximation to the Mild Slope Equation, a depth-averaged Navier Stokes solution for the nearshore currents, which employs a two equation (k-ϵ) turbulence model, and a sediment sub-model which uses the predicted turbulence levels to solve the suspended sediment equation. The individual submodels have been tested extensively using field and laboratory data. The total model has been used to predict the effect of varying the length of groynes on their behaviour as a means of beach stabilization.