Characteristics of Waves off the Mediterranean Coast of Egypt


  • M. G. Nafaa
  • A. M. Fanos
  • M. A. Elganainy


Beach erosion, delta coast, sediment transport, storms, wave climate, wave conditions, waves


Analyses of all available wave records at Abu Quir, Egypt, collected between 1971 and 1987 are presented. Data for a 17 month period were recorded by the Offshore Pressure Operated Suspended wave recorder (OSPOS), and about 20 months of data were collected with the Cassette Acquisition System directional wave recorder (CAS). Severe wave conditions which might occur over a long period of time are given. It was found from this study, that the maximum wave height reaches about 4.00 m in winter, 3.50 m in spring, and 2.50 m in summer. The corresponding wave periods in these seasons are 14 sec. for winter, and 13 sec. for the other two seasons. The prevailing wave direction is from the WNW-NW sector, while a small amount of waves arrive from the NNE-NE sector. The average significant wave height is 0.50-1.00 m, and the average wave period is 7-8 sec. Percentage of occurrence of waves coming from different directions is also presented, which will be useful in the estimation of the net sediment transport at Abu Quir.